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[TRANS] @fyeahtheark

yuna.jpg yujin.jpg minju.jpg jane.jpg halla.jpg theark.jpg P20150221_012644000_0D0F4FD0-39FC-407E-9831-E0DF72F1DAF5.jpg P20150215_203649000_70236DA8-AA6F-47E1-AD1E-CF780BCA0071.jpg minju2.jpg minju1.jpg KakaoTalk_20150409_175749185_copy.jpg
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Album name:Dany / β˜… From.THE ARK
"file information":2015.04.11.
Filesize:118 KiB
Date added:Apr 18, 2015
Dimensions:651 x 779 pixels
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